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What Condo Amenities Do Buyers Look For?

February 8, 2019

In recent years, condo amenities have become a priority for several homebuyers. Nowadays, real estate developers are creating spaces where you can live, work and play, through reimagining lobby spaces and common areas. They ensure they’re meeting buyer’s expectations by including some of these popular amenities listed below!


Buyers often enjoy high-rise buildings in vibrant locations, with beautiful views of the surrounding city. This becomes even more enticing when the rooftop is put to good use by turning it into an attractive common area, rooftop terrace, garden or lounge. Often, rooftops will now include swimming pools, grills, banquet tables, fire pits and other exciting features that are perfect for residents and their guests.

Party Room

Rooms that are available to reserve for private events are in demand as buyers look for condos where they’re able to entertain guests. Condominiums also become more appealing when they’re known to organize social events, entertainment and lounge parties or gatherings in a party room.

Eco Friendly Features

One main priority for condo buyers is sustainability and energy-efficiency. Commonly, buyers look for that Energy Star certification to ensure energy-efficient appliances, low-flow water fixtures and LED lightbulbs. Eco-friendly appliances and lights will positively impact the environment and save residents money on energy usage and utility bills. Buyers are also concerned about the construction of their building – did they use environmentally responsible materials? Some features they look for are low volatile organic compound paints, carbon monoxide sensors, windows designed to minimize heat loss and highly efficient heating and cooling systems.

Fitness and Spa

Condos that provide their residents with a convenient lifestyle are always favourable to their buyers. Buyers often search for amenities that enhance their lifestyle and support their health and wellness, so when a condo includes a gym and a spa, it ranks higher in the minds of most consumers. Gyms are luxurious amenities that benefit their residents because they don’t have to pay a separate gym fee or travel far from home in order to remain fit and stay relaxed.

Location, Location, Location!

Location is one of the most important features in real estate. Condo buyers love the services and shops inside the building, but also prefer living nearby shopping, entertainment and attractions. The location someone chooses to live captures what a buyer wants in an ideal lifestyle. Being surrounded by restaurants, theatres, clubs, performance venues and parks provide more appeal for an adventure seeker. Also, easy access to family-friendly destinations are ideal for families with children. Location always matters!

Technology and Connectivity

Technology is increasingly becoming more of a demand for most buyers. These amenities usually consist of smart-home technology that allows buyers to control lighting, temperature and electronics using their tablet or smartphone, even when they’re away from home.

Condos in Vaughan will provide you with many of these amenities and more! Contact Vondos for VIP access to these luxurious developments.