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Tips on Downsizing from a House to a Condo

June 28, 2019

Now that your children are getting and older moving out, you’ll likely be tempted to downsize your home. Downsizing from a house to a condo comes with several benefits including less maintenance, less clutter and lower utility bills. The overall cost of living is typically more affordable when living in a smaller home – this is why you should downsize to a condo.

Once you make the decision to move into a condo, you have to devise a plan that will allow you to feel comfortable in a smaller space, while de-cluttering your belongings. Here are some tips for downsizing!

Take Your Time & Plan Ahead

You never realize how many items you’ve accumulated until you start packing up the first room. If you leave this to the last minute, you may feel overwhelmed. This is why it’s essential to make sure you plan ahead and take your time. Downsizing is more pressure because you also have to focus heavily on de-cluttering your home.

Eliminate Items You Don’t Need!

When you’re downsizing from a house to a condo, you’re choosing to live a different lifestyle. Be ruthless and eliminate all of the items you don’t need! Typically, choosing what to bring with you can be a hard task, but you for sure can’t bring your entire house. Plus, you don’t want your small space to be cluttered. If you haven’t used the item in a while, then you most likely don’t need it.

Have a Garage Sale or Donate Items

If you don’t know what to do with all your extra belongings, have a garage sale and profit off of them or donate them to family, friends and local charities.

Get Smaller Furniture

You won’t want to bring your large sofa to a small condo. Firstly, it might not fit and second, if it’s too big, it might take up too much space. Sell some of your furniture so that you can purchase some that’s more suitable to the size of your condo. For instance, instead of having a 3-seater, purchase a loveseat.

Multipurpose Furniture

When you downsize, it’s essential to purchase nightstands, ottomans and other furniture that has storage space. This way, there will be less clutter and you’ll have more space to move around in your condo.

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