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Reasons You Should Choose to Live in Vaughan

January 25, 2019

After years of constant development, Vaughan has easily become one of the most sought out cities in the Greater Toronto Area. Living in Vaughan provides its residents with a variety of benefits to ensure that they are living a happy and prosperous lifestyle. Here are some of the main reasons why buyers should choose to reside in the City of Vaughan.

Schools are Easily Accessible

Schools starting from pre-school to post-secondary are located in close vicinity to the homes in Vaughan. Once your child graduates, they will have easy access to some of the best universities and colleges in Toronto thanks to the brand-new subway extension.


Vaughan is filled with a variety of entertainment options- you won’t ever be bored! Some of Vaughan’s biggest attractions include Canada’s Wonderland and Vaughan Mills Mall. Vaughan also provides you with fun nightlife activities including bars and clubs, along with a variety of dining options, cinemas, arcades and much more! Every resident in Vaughan should be located no further than 15 minutes from a park or trail. Going for a walk, on a hike or a bike ride is always easy.

Also, with the subway opening, residents of Vaughan get easy access to downtown Toronto to see shows, festivals, dining, nightlife and other entertainment options.

Nearby Local Amenities

The neighbourhoods in Vaughan are all located directly beside plazas that consist of grocery shopping options, convenience stores, dining options and more. You can easily run errands without travelling too far from home.


Vaughan’s employment rate is constantly growing, as the city continues to outpace Ontario and Canada in economic growth and remains a leader in job creation. The City of Vaughan has plans to improve the job market even more by striving to meet the needs of their residents through creating jobs in more fields of work. Vaughan values entrepreneurship, as the city has a growing business community with over 9000 existing enterprises.

Safety and healthcare

York region has the reputation of being one of the safest regions in Canada. Near every neighbourhood in Vaughan is a fire station and police services. The city provides great healthcare services, from walk-in clinics, family doctors, to brand new hospitals. Vaughan is constantly improving its healthcare!


The community in Vaughan is very diverse and multicultural. You will easily notice this through many of Vaughan’s eateries and community events!

Public Transportation

Vaughan has 4 different ways of travelling across the city, Toronto and the GTA. The city consists of the cheapest and largest transportation networks including: York Region Transit (YRT), Toronto Transit Commission System (TTC), Viva Rapid Transit, and Go Transit. With all of these resources for transportation, you will make it where you need to be without a problem!

Vaughan is the city of potential, with high living standards and a beautiful community. If you want to be part of the City of Vaughan, contact Vondos and we will help you find a condo that suits your needs!