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North Maple Regional Park – 900+ Acres of Green Space!

April 18, 2019

Phase one of North Maple Regional Park recently opened in the city of Vaughan! This new park will be larger than 900 acres, beating the size of New York City’s famous Central park and more than double the size of High Park in Toronto. For phase one, 200 acres of open green space were introduced, which included 2 soccer fields with lighting and spectator seating, 5 km of walking trails and, and an almost completed park pavilion featuring washrooms and change rooms.

About the Park

This extravagant plan has been in the development process for over 20 years! The concept was introduced in 2003 and continually revised until 2013. Originally, the park was going to be 200-acres, but when council endorsed expanding the park in May 2018, the vision changed. They pursued the idea to expand the park to include the former Keele Valley Landfill and Vaughan Township Landfill sites and adjacent open valley lands that are the headwaters of the Don River watershed. This is when the development became 900-acres, making it one of Vaughan’s most ambitious developments for greenspace.

Goals for the Park

  • Foster creativity, imagination, and exploration
  • Offer a balance of active and passive recreational opportunities
  • Connects to the adjacent open space
  • Incorporate and celebrate its natural environment and its site’s natural processes through sustainable design
  • Offer multi-season recreational opportunities and 4-season interest

The goal of this park is to enhance the natural qualities of the existing site. It will be the perfect place for the residents of Vaughan to enjoy sports, picnicking, active play, trails, wetlands, and everything that nature has to offer! Phase 2 of this park will be coming soon.

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