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Make the Most of Your Small Kitchen Space

August 23, 2019

The layout of a kitchen and each of its components have to make sense. This can be difficult once you move into a small condo space with more limitations. Designing the layout of your confined kitchen space may take longer than you were planning, but with some of these tips you will be able to easily solve your problems!

Drawers not Doors

To make your space more usable and easy to walk around, switch your cabinets to drawers. Drawers provide you easy access to all items, whereas cupboards require you to look harder for your items, which can lead to a disorganized, cluttered kitchen space. Plus, drawers will make your kitchen look chicer and organized!

Install a Small Breakfast Bar or Island

No room for a big kitchen table? No problem! In the middle of your kitchen where it’s convenient, install a small breakfast bar or island. This way, you can use it as a countertop for when you’re cooking or you can place chairs next to it and use it as a dinner table. Many of these furniture items can close up so that they’re small and expand when you need them to. With this free-standing countertop, you will make the most of your space.

Position the Furniture Strategically

If you have a U-shaped layout for example, purchase very slim cabinets or drawers so you can leave as much space as possible. Use the 2 longer walls as space for your cabinets, drawers, counters and appliances and place the kitchen table in the middle. Place the appliances on one end of the kitchen and leave the counter space and sink closer to the kitchen table, so the appliances aren’t beside you while you’re eating. This is just one example of how to layout your kitchen.

The Sink

Invest in an under-mount sink or single inset sink to have a flat draining area that can be used as another surface.

Lighten Up the Room

A small kitchen will contain plenty of storage, which could make the space feel crammed or dark. Consider purchasing light coloured cabinetry and drawers, painting the room bright, and installing bright ceiling lights so that it looks spacious.

Utilize Your Walls

Have you noticed that your walls are empty? Then fill them up with shelves, rods or a pegboard so that you can store more items there and make your kitchen seem less crowded.

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