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How to Decorate a Small Living Room

September 20, 2019

Decorating a living room can be a tedious task when it’s a limited size. When you move into a condo, your main goal is to make the most of your small space so that you can move around comfortably. You’ll likely spend plenty of time in your condo living room, so it’s crucial that you furnish and decorate it accordingly. Avoid a cluttered; cramped space with some of these tips on how to layout your small living room!

Purchase a Loveseat

Whether you live alone, with roommates or one partner, a loveseat is sufficient enough to meet all your needs in a small space. If you find that a loveseat is too small for comfort, consider purchasing a sofa chair or other cushioned chairs that can be placed alongside the sofa.

Light Coloured Walls

Everyone knows that painting your walls a light colour is a classic trick to make the room seem larger. After painting your room a light colour, you should also consider decorating it with cool-toned or white furniture and accessories to ensure that your place looks brighter.

Hanging Shelves

Use your wall space and install shelves that hang. This way, you can use the floor for other furniture or just to have some extra space to walk around. Cabinets or tables will likely clutter your small living room, so avoid purchasing them as much as possible.

Multifunctional Furniture

Select furniture that has more than one purpose. For instance, purchase an ottoman with storage space so that you can avoid messiness as much as possible.

Furniture with Exposed Legs

Open up your condo living room space by inserting tables and chairs with exposed legs. Exposed legs will make the room seem more spacious!

Glass and Mirrored Furniture

Reflective surfaces are recognized for their ability to add more light into a space. With more light, the room will automatically seem bigger.

Wall of Art

Create a focal point in the room by displaying a wall of art or photographs. Including different colours, textures and frames will distract people from noticing how small the space really is.


Several people think that a big couch is a necessity in every living room. However, you don’t always need a large sofa or a loveseat. Furnish your living room with comfortable chairs instead. Overall, don’t include too many large items or too much decor. Sometimes, less is more! Embody a minimalist look.

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