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Condo Interior Design Tips

November 28, 2018

It comes as no surprise that designing a new home can be overwhelming to say the least. You have to consider factors like: accessories, textures, colours, furniture and lighting to really bring a space together. It is often hard to even know where to start, however if you’re looking for modern, chic and practical ideas, keep reading for a few design tips that can assist you.

Use Neutral Shades and Bright Colours

Select neutral shades such as white, beige or grey for the walls of your condo. This will allow you to freely accessorize with various patterns, textures and colour schemes without having them clash. Neutral shades allow you to effortlessly change the look of your condo without having to constantly repaint your walls and keep up with evolving trends, which is why they are timeless!

Incorporating accent walls in your design is another popular way to add a dynamic twist to any room. It makes the room appear livelier and well balanced and ties all the elements of the room together. Likewise, if you feel your condo is smaller, painting with lighter-toned colours are known to be more reflective, which give the illusion of a larger room.

Incorporate Multi-Purpose Furniture

If your condo appears to have limited space, consider integrating multi-purpose furniture to cut down on excess clutter and maximize usability of the items. This ensures affordability, practicality and a general cohesiveness in the space. Examples of furniture you can include are sofa beds, a multipurpose rack for shoes and jackets, extendable dining tables, and an ottoman or coffee table with storage space inside.

Include the Right Textures

The way you perceive a room is determined by the textures you integrate in it. Texture is what makes a design come to life! It adds dynamism to flat patterns, and attracts the eye’s natural curiosity. For instance, if you decide to include velvet chairs, carpeted floors and plush throw pillows and blankets, it will create a soft and comfortable atmosphere.

You also might want to consider incorporating textures that fit with your lifestyle. An example is, if you crave a more luxurious look, including silk drapes and pillows will help you achieve this.

Negotiate Credits and Closing Costs

When negotiating the purchase price of the home, you may ask for credits to repair or replace items that the home inspector noted, such as a new roof or water heater. You can also negotiate with the seller on having them pay for the closing costs associated with the sale.

Combine Traditional and Modern Styles

Make sure to ask the seller for documentation for any mechanical or other significant updates made to the house. That way, if something breaks, you’ll know if it’s covered under warranty and who to contact to repair it.

Subtly joining together modern and traditional styles will allow you to achieve elegance while incorporating contemporary trends. Choosing furniture with different shades of brown, grey or white, and including round or square tables and sofas will help you attain a sophisticated appearance. Try selecting accessories such as light fixtures and mirrors with sleek, straight lines or artistic curves and consider different metals, and marbles to make the room really pop!

If you recently purchased a condo in Vaughan, consider mapping out these details in advance so you can begin making your new purchase really feel like a home. Happy decorating!