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5 Reasons to Live in the Suburbs

December 24, 2018

For several years, the idea of living in the city was most desirable. Entertainment, dining, employment, cultural diversity and public transportation are some of the many reasons why living in the city has been glorified, especially to millennials and young professionals.

However, suburban areas have been rapidly developing as developers are now prioritizing the importance of amenities, community and having a high quality of life. Recently, living in the suburbs has been the most favorable option amongst young individuals and families. Keep reading to find out why!


Typically, suburban areas are recognized for having lower crime rates than cities. Suburban areas often offer a greater sense of security, which is something to consider, especially if you have children!

Less crowded

Suburban areas provide more space and are significantly less crowded than urbanized areas. Living in the suburbs allows residents to avoid congestion and inconvenient traffic. With significantly less people, residing in the suburbs offers its residents with more privacy.

Peace, Quiet and Health

People often choose to live in the suburbs because they don’t enjoy the noisy environment of the city. Constantly being in a loud environment can provide its residents with stress and sleep disturbances such as horns, sirens and city lights. Also, in comparison to the city, suburban areas have lower levels of air pollution.

Better Price for More

Homes are often smaller and more expensive in the city. Owning a home in the suburbs is significantly more affordable and offers a better price per square foot. If you’re raising a family, living in the suburbs is especially more beneficial because you’re provided with more necessary space.

More amenities and Higher Quality of Life!

Developers are now prioritizing the importance of amenities. The selection of amenities has grown and improved, and now the suburbs are beginning to feel like cities, minus the higher price tag. There are currently a variety of options for entertainment, dining, shopping, schools, healthcare and emergency services conveniently located nearby in your community. With the continuous upgrade in transit systems, you are now able to enjoy the peacefulness of suburban areas, while being able to easily commute to the exciting city! Being in the suburbs allows you to enjoy more greenery and nature by offering trails, parks, biking and hiking trails.

There are plenty of reasons to live in the suburbs, which prove that you can’t go wrong if you choose to live in Vaughan!