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What is a “Condo Worksheet”

A worksheet is a term that the industry uses for a “Suite Reservation Form” or “Condo Wish List”. Especially for projects with super high demand, developers will ask buyers to complete a Worksheet. Worksheets are collected and time-stamped, so it is best to complete a worksheet early in order to increase your chances of getting the model you desire. The developers will then typically organize and allocate suites based on the requests on the Worksheets. Once you have been allocated a suite, you will be contacted by our Sales team with a time to meet at the builders’ sales office to sign the contract.

*** It is important to note that by submitting a “Condo Worksheet” you are NOT binding yourself to purchase a suite. When our Sales team contacts you with an available suite, you still have the option to decide yes or no. Once you agree to buy a suite and sign the agreement to purchase, you also will have a 10 Day conditional (cooling-off) period to confirm or cancel your purchase.