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11 Must-Have Items for a Small Condo

May 3, 2019

When you live in a condo, you have to furnish and decorate it according to the size limitations. This can be stressful, especially since most condos provide you with a smaller living space. Although the space is small, there’s still many ways to work around the size, in order to have the most comfortable space possible.

Rolling Cart

Sometimes, you want to watch television while in bed and others you want to watch it in your living room. Refrain from getting two television sets and invest in a rolling cart that you can place the TV and other essentials on. This way, you can watch TV wherever you feel like it, allowing you to save money and space in your condo for other items.

Sofa Bed

If you don’t have enough room for your own bedroom or a guest room, then consider investing in a sofa bed. There’s many options available that will still provide your condo with a modern look, while saving space by reducing the amount of furniture in your home.

Convertible Bed

For families with younger children, look into purchasing a convertible bed. With these beds, you can use the space underneath as a desk area. Make the most of your space!

Ottomans, Coffee Tables and Side Tables with Storage

Why invest in one of these tables with empty space underneath, when you can purchase one with storage space. If your condo is especially small, then this will surely save you a lot of space. This little bit of extra storage will make your condo look cleaner and seem larger.


Mirrors are well-known for their ability to make a small room seem larger. They’re even more useful if you find a mirror that has space for storage behind it. Include a few of these around the home!

Door and Wall Shelves

Hang shelves on the wall or on doors to effectively utilize all the space. These shelves will make your condo look more organized. They’re perfect for anything from cleaning supplies, shoes, pictures, souvenirs and more!

Extension Cords, Adaptors and Plugs

Small condos typically have a limited number of electrical outlets. To accommodate all your appliances and electronics, make sure to purchase extension cords, adaptors and plugs.

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